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Last updated on November 15, 2023

Incidents that result in severe injuries create tense situations for everyone involved. Attorneys Owen O’Neill and Ryan Toombs understand and appreciate the physical, emotional, and financial impact which a serious accident has on all parties involved in a personal injury dispute. Whether you require a steadfast defense or an aggressive advocate and ally to pursue a claim on your behalf, our law firm can provide the legal representation and advocacy needed to get you the best outcome possible.

Car Accidents

Car Accidents – Being in a serious motor vehicle accident is often a painful, hectic and stressful experience. A victim needs to take care of his/her injuries, while at the same time dealing with various insurance companies and, sometimes, even the police. That’s why hiring an experienced lawyer to pursue a personal injury claim is so important. Remember – insurance companies do not necessarily have your best interests in mind!

The legal team at Owen O'Neill Law Group understands Massachusetts statutory and case law governing car accident claims, and will work diligently and aggressively in dealing with insurers and their responsible drivers.

When someone is injured in a car crash, determining the value of the claim can be a difficult, time-consuming and tedious process. That’s what we at Owen O'Neill Law Group are here for; our attorneys immediately undertake a thorough evaluation of the adverse impact that the accident had on our client’s ability to work, support his/her family, and enjoy life as they did before the accident. As advocates for our injured clients, we always strive to achieve the best possible result.

Premises Liability

Premises liability – A slip-and-fall accident can happen anywhere, at any time, and can cause long-lasting harm. Sometimes, it is nobody’s fault. However, in our experience, premises liability accidents often involve slip/trip and falls caused by improper maintenance or construction defects. In more than three decades of practicing personal injury law, our team has worked on the full spectrum of premises liability claims, and has consistently secured favorable outcomes for our seriously injured clients.

Product Liability And Defective Products

Product liability and defective products – A manufacturer can be responsible for a defective product whenever that product unexpectedly causes harm when you were using it as you were supposed to, or as the manufacturer should have expected you to. Manufacturers can limit their liability in some cases by providing you with a warning of the danger of a product. However, a failure to adequately warn of the dangers or any type of design defect or flaw in the product itself can also lead to a successful product liability claim.

In general, there are a number of different parties who can be held legally responsible for a defective product under theories of breach of warranty and negligence.  This can include suppliers of defective component parts within the product, the manufacturer of the final product, as well as distributors and people who sell the product to you or your employer.

Most product liability claims are handled under strict liability rules. This means that a person injured by a defective product or machine does not have to prove the manufacturer or distributor was negligent in any way in order to recover compensation. You simply have to show you used the product in a foreseeable manner and it caused unexpected harm.

A product liability claim can also be based on a theory of negligence (if the manufacturer was unreasonably careless in the design or manufacturing of the product); or based on a manufacturer’s and/or a distributor’s failure to warn of the product’s dangers. At Owen O'Neill Law Group, we conduct an early accident investigation so that we can explain to our clients the best legal theory available to them.

Injuries Caused By Dogs

Injuries caused by dogs – Dog bites and attacks are almost always traumatizing events that cause severe physical and emotional scarring. Here in Massachusetts, there are laws that make an owner or “keeper” of a dog strictly liable for injuries caused by their dog, with very few exceptions. A dog does not even have to bite you for you to be able to recover under the Massachusetts dog bite statute, M.G.L. c. 140 § 155. If someone’s dog jumps on you and causes you to fall, or hurts you in any way, the dog’s owner is almost always responsible in Massachusetts.

At Owen O'Neill Law Group, we have represented many victims of dog bites and, conversely, many dog owners who have been sued. We know all sides of the so-called “dog bite” law — and we will use our experience and advocacy skills to get our dog bite clients the best result attainable.

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