Experienced Personal Injury Trial Lawyers

At Owen O'Neill Law Group, our team of highly experienced legal professionals have passionately represented both injured individuals and insurance companies in a wide variety of personal injury cases for over 30 years.


Our firm’s clients have included construction workers and industrial workers who have been badly injured or even worse, killed, by the carelessness and negligence of others. We also represent victims of car accidents, dog bites, defective products and machinery, and unsafe conditions on residential and commercial property.


In addition to our personal injury practice, our law firm also serves as defense counsel to insurance companies and their policyholders in a wide variety of legal matters, including personal injury lawsuits and cases involving product liability, professional liability/legal malpractice, and other types of complex business disputes.


We also defend a large automobile manufacturer and numerous car dealerships in cases involving claims for breach of warranty and alleged violations of Massachusetts’ “lemon law” and consumer protection statutes.

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Construction Workers Are Like Family To Us

At Owen O'Neill Law Group, we have had the privilege of representing hundreds of construction workers who were seriously injured while simply trying to do their jobs. Attorneys Owen O’Neill and Ryan Toombs make it a practice to treat each and every one of those clients as if they were members of their own families.

Why? Because at Owen O'Neill Law Group, many of our family members and friends also earn a living working on construction projects, and it is incredibly important to us that our loved ones, and all workers, be provided with a safe and properly supervised jobsite.

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Our Practice Areas

Construction & Industrial Accidents
Personal Injury
Insurance & Corporate Defense

The Best Way To Get Justice For Your Injuries Is To Hire Aggressive Attorneys

When an accident leads to injury or death, determining fault and legal responsibility is almost always a huge challenge. Hiring experienced and aggressive lawyers who have a comprehensive understanding of the applicable law is a very important first step in achieving a just and fair outcome, either at trial or through a negotiated settlement.

At Owen O'Neill Law Group, our attorneys have spent over 30 years serving both individual and corporate clients in state and federal courts throughout Massachusetts. Through diligent investigation and trial preparation, we have consistently achieved successful outcomes for our clients.

We appreciate that the lives of our clients and their families are often devastated, not only by the pain and suffering caused by the physical injuries themselves, but also by the often exhausting medical treatment, insurance issues, and the adverse financial and emotional consequences of being unable to work.

This is why all of us at Owen O'Neill Law Group pride ourselves on keeping in constant contact with our clients, via in-person meetings, house calls, telephone, email, text messaging and video conferencing. After all, we work for you!

When Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer, Results Matter!

Owen O'Neill Law Group’s personal injury lawyers have the experience and courtroom skills needed to make responsible parties pay for the harm they have caused you and your family. We have recovered millions of dollars for individuals who have been harmed by the careless and negligent actions of others. Pursuing justice and monetary compensation after a serious accident can be a very challenging and emotionally draining process.

Our legal team understands the stress and challenges presented to our clients by complex negligence and product liability personal injury claims. Someone who has been seriously harmed because of another’s wrongful conduct needs an aggressive law firm that knows how to get him/her the compensation and results they deserve. Owen O'Neill Law Group knows what it takes to make insurance companies pay for the negligence of their policyholders.

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